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Empowerment Through Faith: Katie Sheppard and Dalcia Castillo of Compass Catholic Ministries Attend Christian Women’s Gathering in Chicago

(Chicago – October 5, 2023) In a lavishly adorned ballroom, the air buzzed with anticipation. Esteemed attendees, Christian women from all walks of life, gathered to share, learn, and above all, empower. Among them were Dalcia Castillo, a dedicated staff member of Compass Catholic Ministries, and Katie Sheppard, a respected Board Member. Their presence was a testament to the event’s significance in the faith community.

But as the lights dimmed and the first speaker took to the stage, it was evident that this wasn’t merely a conventional gathering. It was a clarion call for women to understand their worth, challenge societal norms, and step into roles typically dominated by men.

At the heart of the modern Christian movement lies an intersection of faith, womanhood, and financial stewardship. The recent Christian Women’s Symposium served as a beacon of this confluence, drawing parallels to the foundational principles of organizations such as Compass Catholic Ministries. This symposium, rich in dialogue and insight, navigated the historical and contemporary roles of women within the church, highlighting their dual roles as spiritual leaders and pragmatic influencers. As Katie Sheppard poignantly remarked at the event, “Women are entrusted with gifts from God, including the ability to steward and manage money well. Women working in private equity, estate planning, impact investing, financial planning, philanthropic consulting, and community giving circles spoke to a room full of professional women about the financial and relational capital they have. Women, who will soon own 51% of the wealth of this country, can make a radical impact on fulfilling Christ’s great commission and raising the next generation of women who are entrusted with much.” Such a powerful testimony not only underscores the importance of community outreach and faith-based entrepreneurship but also spotlights the profound trifold balance of work, life, and unwavering faith. This balance is emblematic of Compass Catholic’s ethos, which advocates for financial decisions deeply aligned with Catholic teachings and values.

The speeches were a blend of insightful statistics, biblical references, and personal experiences. They tackled the often-undermined role of women in the business sector, drawing parallels with influential biblical figures like the Proverbs 31 woman. The assertion was clear: Christian women have always been capable, resilient, and entrepreneurial. The world has just taken its time catching up.

Perhaps the most poignant moments came from Paula Faris. Her talk took attendees on a journey, touching on the challenges of the 1950s housewife, societal expectations, and the weight of generational pressures. But Faris didn’t stop at merely highlighting the challenges. Her speech was a rallying cry, urging women to be generous with their knowledge, to build communities, and above all, to move – to act, to change, to disrupt.

Dalcia Castillo was particularly moved by this segment. “Paula’s words struck a chord,” she mused during the event. “In our ministry, we often speak of stewardship, of guiding others to manage God’s blessings responsibly. Tonight reminded me that we, as women, are also those blessings. We must steward our gifts, our potentials.”

Katie Sheppard resonated with the emphasis on community. “It’s so crucial for women, especially in leadership roles, to lift each other up,” she reflected. “At Compass Catholic Ministries, we often stress the importance of community, of guiding each other towards financial wisdom. The event underscored the importance of extending that support in every aspect of life.”

Faith and Modern-day Womanhood

In a world frequently characterized by change, the Christian Women’s Symposium served as a timeless beacon for those seeking empowerment, guidance, and community. The theme of the night, though not explicitly stated, seemed to revolve around the intersectionality of faith and modern-day womanhood. The discussions spanned an array of topics, from the challenges Christian women face in secular workplaces to the more profound internal conflicts of balancing faith with societal expectations.

One of the sessions emphasized the role of women in the early Christian church. Contrary to popular belief, women held significant roles, showcasing leadership, wisdom, and influence. This historical perspective was an essential reminder for attendees: their quest for equal footing isn’t a modern-day fad but a return to the roots.

Another crucial aspect of the symposium was the emphasis on mentorship. Younger attendees were encouraged to seek guidance from more experienced women in their fields, creating a chain of mentorship. Katie, having been in various leadership roles, emphasized this. “Mentorship in the Christian community isn’t just about career growth. It’s about spiritual growth, understanding one’s path, and navigating the intricacies of faith in a complex world,” she stated.

Dalcia shared her insights after the discussion on work-life balance. “For Catholic women in particular, the concept isn’t just about juggling work and home,” she commented. “It’s also about ensuring our work, our interactions, and our commitments reflect our faith. It’s a trifold balance.”

The symposium also addressed the importance of community outreach. Catholic women, armed with their unique blend of faith and skills, are in a prime position to drive change in their communities. Through charitable work, societal involvement, and even politics, they can be the catalysts for significant positive transformations.

Faith as the Compass

A notable highlight was a workshop on leveraging faith in entrepreneurship. As more Christian women venture into starting their own businesses, there’s a growing need to understand how faith can be a foundation, a guiding principle, and even a unique selling point.

In wrapping up the symposium, an air of renewed determination pervaded the venue. With their faith as their anchor and the community as their support, the attendees left with more than just insights; they left with a mission.

In essence, the symposium wasn’t just a gathering of Christian women. It was a clarion call to action, to influence, and to lead with faith as the compass. The event’s reverberations are sure to be felt far and wide, changing not just individual lives but entire communities in the process.

The Synergy of Faith and Finances

The Symposium wasn’t just a standalone event. Its ripples, themes, and core concepts seamlessly tie into the work and ethos of Compass Catholic Ministries. As attendees delved into the intricate nexus of faith and modern womanhood, one couldn’t help but observe how such themes resonate deeply with Compass Catholic’s mission and vision.

At the heart of Compass Catholic Ministries lies the drive to align financial decisions with Catholic teachings. The symposium’s emphasis on the historical roles of women in the church, notably as leaders, influencers, and providers, aligns seamlessly with this. Women, having held significant roles in the early Christian church, exemplify the balance between spiritual responsibility and practical leadership – a cornerstone of Compass Catholic’s teachings.

Community Outreach and Compass

The event’s focus on community outreach is particularly pertinent. Just as the symposium called on Christian women to harness their unique blend of faith and skills to drive change, Compass Catholic actively reaches out to communities, providing education on managing finances in a way that’s aligned with Catholic values. The concept isn’t merely about fiscal responsibility but ensuring that financial decisions mirror and uphold faith-based values.

The Trifold Balance: Faith, Work, and Life

Dalcia’s insight into the trifold balance—work, life, and faith—is at the very core of Compass Catholic Ministries’ programs. Their studies, like “Navigating Your Finances God’s Way,” highlight this balance, emphasizing that financial decisions aren’t just about money but about a holistic life that reflects one’s faith.

Entrepreneurship and Faith

The symposium’s workshop on faith-driven entrepreneurship resonates strongly with Compass Catholic’s teachings. For many Christian entrepreneurs, their business is more than just a profit-generating entity; it’s a platform to express, share, and live their faith. Compass Catholic’s programs guide such entrepreneurs, ensuring their financial strategies not only drive business success but also remain deeply rooted in Catholic teachings.

A Call to Dive Deeper

While the symposium provided a starting point, a spark, both Dalcia and Katie agreed there’s so much more to explore, especially in the realm of faith-based financial stewardship. For those inspired by the symposium’s themes and eager to delve deeper into aligning their financial decisions with their faith, Compass Catholic Ministries offers a pathway.

Compass Catholic welcomes everyone to join their Bible study programs. Not only will participants gain insights into managing finances the Catholic way, but they will also find a supportive community, ready to guide, share, and journey together. It’s more than just a Bible study; it’s a transformative experience, aligning one’s financial compass with the timeless teachings of the Catholic faith. Join today and embark on a journey of faith-filled financial enlightenment. Learn more at


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