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The Compass Catholic Ministry teaches biblical financial principles and uses the Bible, the Catechism, Quotes from Saints and Popes, as well as the Pastoral Letter of the United States Bishops on Stewardship, (Stewardship: A Disciple’s Response) to help people put their finances in proper perspective and make them good stewards of how much or little God has entrusted to them.


The Bible has more than 2,500 verses on how to manage money and possessions. About 15% of Jesus’ parables talk about managing money and possessions. Everything we need to know about money can be found in the Bible. It tells us how to work, earn, spend, save, give, invest and get out of debt.Pope Francis has said: “Money has to serve, not govern.” Compass’ biblical financial studies help people escape the consumerism encouraged by today’s culture and find peace and satisfaction with what the Lord has given them, that is, satisfaction (Contentment) without falling into Conformity.Whether you are young or old, single or married, working or retired, financially independent or struggling to pay the bills and make ends meet in peace, this study is for you.



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