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Mission & Vision


To inspire individuals and families to unite their faith and finances by providing information and tools, illuminated by our Catholic faith, allowing them to become financially unburdened and able to say “yes” to God’s call.


To transform the world by equipping Catholics to put their faith into action using their finances to carry out and continue the work of Jesus Christ on earth.

Core Values

  • Based on Scripture, Church Tradition and the Magisterium to be fully Catholic

  • Rooted in the Eucharist and led by the Holy Spirit

  • Leading through service in the example of Jesus Christ in a spirit of love for the Lord and love for others

  • Spreading the Gospel and striving to fulfill our role as members of the Living Body of Christ

  • Inspired by the Word of God and attentive to the challenges of our time, we are committed to the spiritual growth and faith formation of all the community.

  • Sharing Christ’s love through joyful witness and selfless stewardship

  • Trusting God to lead the ministry according to his plan

Why the name Compass?

There is no purpose to a journey without a destination. By using a compass, we can stay on the right path and arrive at the desired destination. Our material helps people implement an authentically Catholic approach to money and possessions so they stay on the right path (living our lives here on earth as stewards of God’s blessings) and arrive at the desired destination (life with Christ forever).

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