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  • What is Money Coaching?
    A Compass Catholic Money Coach helps you create financial goals and stick to them. Our Money Coaches are trained as financial counselors and as Compass Catholic Money Coaches. No matter where you are on your financial discipleship journey, our Money Coaches can help you create an action and accountability plan that can move you toward financial wellness in a Biblically informed manner.
  • What does the Money Coaching process look like?
    After filling out the “Talk to a Coach” form, you will be contacted by a Compass Catholic team member within two days. This team member will explain what you can expect from Money Coaching and what is expected from you. Your Coach will walk you through the Money Coaching Prework. After completing your Money Coaching Prework, you will meet with your Coach for three (3) sessions, usually over the course of three (3) months. The first session will take place over Zoom and will last approximately one hour. The subsequent sessions can either take place over the phone or over Zoom. These session lengths will vary based on your situation.
  • What is the Money Coaching Prework?
    In order to understand where you want to go, you must first know where you’re at. The Money Coaching Prework will help you better understand your financial situation and make the most of the time with your Coach. We ask you to complete the following before your first coaching session: 3 Months History Income/Spending Tracker – form will be provided to you Order at least one credit report from Create a list of all debts – form will be provided to you Sign the Money Coaching Agreement – form will be provided to you
  • How much does Money Coaching cost?
    Money Coaching is a FREE ministry of Compass Catholic. Sign up to meet virtually with one of our certified coaches for up to three, free confidential sessions. This ministry is supported by generous donors like you. Have you benefitted from our coaching ministry or want to help provide this service to others? Pay it forward and donate today!
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