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Finding Our North: Preparing for the New Year


As we approach the end of another year, it’s a natural time for reflection and planning. In this spirit, we explore the mission of Compass Catholic, an organization dedicated to guiding the faithful on their financial journey through the principles of the Catholic faith. How can we apply their teachings to better prepare ourselves for the upcoming year?

What is Compass Catholic?

Compass Catholic is an organization focused on helping individuals and families align their financial decisions with their Catholic faith. Its mission is more than just offering financial advice; it’s an invitation to transform our relationship with money through the lens of Catholic faith.

Lessons from Compass Catholic for the New Year

  1. Reflection and Gratitude

Before setting financial goals for the new year, Compass Catholic encourages us to reflect on our current blessings. How have we managed our resources over the past year? What are we thankful for?

  1. Setting Purposeful Goals

Financial goals shouldn’t just be about numbers. They should reflect our deepest values and beliefs. How can our financial goals for the upcoming year better reflect our faith and values?

  1. Generosity and Sharing

Catholic teaching places a strong emphasis on generosity. How can we plan to be more generous in the coming year, both in time and resources?

  1. Avoiding Unnecessary Debt

A key teaching of Compass Catholic is to live within our means and avoid unnecessary debt. What steps can we take to reduce our debts and avoid new ones in the coming year?

  1. Ongoing Financial Education

Education is a cornerstone of Compass Catholic. Continuously learning about money management and how it relates to our faith is an ongoing goal. What resources or practices can we adopt to improve our financial education in the new year?


Conclusion: A Path Illuminated by Faith

As we prepare for the new year, the teachings of Compass Catholic offer us a valuable compass. It’s not just about being financially savvy, but about aligning our finances with our faith, thus finding deeper meaning in our economic decisions.


Call to Action

We invite you to share your own goals and reflections for the new year. How do you plan to incorporate the principles of Compass Catholic into your financial and spiritual life? Share your thoughts and join the conversation.

By Dalcia Castillo


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