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USA Retreat 2024

”Find Your Path” Spiritual Retreat – September 2024

''I THIRST'' – John 19:28In the depth of these words lies a call to introspection and spiritual growth. This September, Compass Catholic Ministries invites you to join us for a transformative experience: our “Find Your Path” spiritual retreat.

Date: September 2024 Location:Florida

This retreat is tailored for those seeking to deepen their faith, better understand their purpose, and connect with a community of believers. Through workshops, reflective sessions, and prayer times, we will explore themes of personal mission, spiritual growth, and community connection.

What to Expect:– Sessions led by experienced spiritual leaders.– Time for personal reflection and inner discovery.– Opportunities for communal prayer and sharing experiences.– Activities that promote personal and spiritual growth.

This retreat is more than an event; it’s an opportunity to rejuvenate your spirit, clarify your mission, and connect with others on a shared path of faith.

Stay Tuned!

More details will be coming your way soon, including information about the location, guest speakers, itinerary, and how to register.

Don’t miss this unique chance to nourish your soul and find direction in your spiritual journey! Mark your calendar for September 2024 and get ready for a retreat that could change your life.

Compass Catholic Ministries: Walking with you in faith.


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