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Studies & Courses

Get all the resources you need for your Compass Catholic courses

Faith & Money Matters

Faith & Money Matters is our primary Bible study that dives deep into money management from an authentically Catholic viewpoint. Over the course of six weeks, participants learn how to create a spending plan, how to get out of crushing debt, and how to start saving and investing for long-term financial wellbeing. Most importantly, they learn how financial discipleship can change their lives!

Faith & Money Matters is not only for those in debt; it’s for anyone who wants to live with their money in a way that grows their faith rather than detracts from it. This study can be taken individually, in a small group, online, or facilitated by a parish.


Fe y Finanzas

Fe y Finanzas es nuestro principal estudio bíblico que profundiza en la administración del dinero desde un punto de vista auténticamente Católico.

En el transcurso de seis semanas, los participantes aprenden a:

  • Crear un plan de gastos

  • Sal de la deuda agobiante

  • Vive con total integridad financiera

  • Comience a ahorrar e invertir para el bienestar financiero a largo plazo

  • Desarrollar un plan de generosidad que mejorará sus vidas mientras crecen en la fe.


Set Your House In Order

If something were to happen to you, the most important gift you can give your family is organized and up to date information. Unfortunately, most of us don’t even know where to start. Set Your House in Order is a five-week Bible study that can be done individually, online, in a small group, or facilitated in a parish. The purpose of Set Your House in Order is to help you create, update and organize all your important information (health care surrogate, power of attorney, password list, advisors, assets, debts, will, insurance, etc.)


God Marriage & Money

God Marriage & Money is a book specifically designed for couples who are engaged to be married. Most couples spend more time discussing the flavor of their wedding cake than talking about their finances. Yet finances are something they’ll deal with every day of their married lives. This book has everything needed to have an open and honest discussion about finances before the wedding! It is a great resources to complement existing diocesan or parish marriage preparation programs.


Ponga Su Casa En Orden

Ponga Su Casa En Orden es un estudio bíblico de cinco semanas, que se reúne en pequeños grupos por 2 horas cada semana. El propósito del estudio es ayudarle a crear, actualizar y organizar todos sus documentos importantes (representante para la salud, poder, lista de claves, consejeros, activos, deudas, testamento, seguros, etc.). En caso de un accidente, enfermedad o muerte, lo mas importante que le puede dar a su familia es su información organizada.

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